Looking Forward

Still cleaning up the wrapping paper and tinsel? No time to plan ahead to New Year resolutions? That’s ok!

Sometimes the post holiday blues can take you by surprise- here are some easy tips.

1. Stay with it. Surprised? Trying to avoid your feelings doesn’t help them go away. Acknowledge that it’s ok to be a teeny bit blue after the flurry of holiday excitement – or the lack of it. Acknowledge that this is something that happens to you — and then — visualize the blues drifting away on that sailboat. Visualizing is an actual technique that can send the bad feelings out to sea.

2. Look forward. But not too far forward. Instead of the usual punishing thoughts (lose ten pounds, get in shape), Ask yourself what do I need FOR ME that would truly make me happy, inspire my week and re-set my engine. GO FOR SMALL- no it’s not “win the lottery” but “a nap and time for a good read by the fire”.

3. Gratitude Game: it’s not a cliche. Studies show that we can deliberately increase our sense of well being and happiness by thinking about what we are grateful for.

If all of the above results in a massive family hug- fest — all the better.

I am grateful for the opportunities to have interacted and learned from so many of you in 2017.


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