It’s ADHD Month: How Are You Doing? 

Parents who learn their child is atypical in some way often struggle with a sense of loss and disappointment, which can also drive a wedge in the relationship with their child.

 ADHD can be a particularly frustrating condition since it appears as if your child could do it if s/he wanted to. Remind yourself that ADHD is a very real condition and work on increasing your bond with your child. 
 Here are some activities that a parent can do to help reconnect with a child struggling with ADHD: 

Parents of ADHD children can get exasperated, if not downright frustrated with their child’s behavior. Children with ADHD process information differently, so cultivating a new way to view them is important. 

Here are a few suggestions:
1. “Special time”: create daily 20 minutes of time where you are alone with your child, where he or she gets to choose the activity, or just to hang out. Bonding without external distractions will help you rediscover what a wonderful kid you have.

2. Bonding activities that include – whatever your child likes! Cooking, art, or something active like playing ball in the yard or even having your kid teach you to play their favorite video game can help you both enjoy each other.

3. Create memories: do activities that you can talk about and reminisce in the future (“remember that time when…”) / Shared memories creates long -lasting bonds.

4. And finally, remember to laugh together -a lot. Sharing joy can be an important piece of the parent-child bond.

For more info on ADHD and parenting, here’s the link to the whole article:

Ask Our Experts: How to Parent a Child Struggling with ADHD

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